How to stay away from piano injuries? (with prevention)

How to Stay Away from Piano Injuries? (with Prevention)

Injuries are the major threat for not only the beginners but also the professional piano player can face this problem. There will be a high risk for a piano player to suffer major injuries in playing a piano.

Moreover, following any method of playing piano cannot ensure safety unless a piano player follows some steps to avoid injuries. According to experts view, some individual steps can help to prevent piano injuries.

Effortless pain-free playing

Piano players must adapt pain-free playing practice style and practice it with less effort.

However, the style of teaching piano that used most often entirely different from pain-free playing and it is making this style neglected. Therefore, we must adapt this style to prevent injuries.

Combination of two methods

Russians and German piano schools have two different ways of playing a piano. Russians emphasizes their piano training on gravity and relaxation.

The Germans are exactly opposite as they work with hand placement and fingering efficiency. Combining these two methods will provide excellent opportunity for a piano player to stay away from piano injuries.

Sit far enough away

Distance plays a crucial role in pain-free playing. It is also helpful to prevent piano injuries.

In this process, one must maintain a good position where one can place their fingers directly on the white keys and also their elbows are on below key level. If you sit so close to piano, a chance of injuries will be higher.

Practice fast first

In this process, user first slowly practices the notes and gradually increases his speed. Adapting this ability not only shows the efficiency, it will also help to stay focused on this situation.


Relaxing between notes is also important. If user continuously goes through without any break, it creates hypertension.

In this way, user can make mistakes and also it can cause serious injuries. That is why, relaxing is important. It helps a person to stay confident and also prevents injuries.

Play the notes softly

Most of the injuries occur because users press very hard on each keynote. It is because most of them practice on an electronic keyboard and it are very hard to play there.

That is why experts prefer to press the keynotes softly. According to them, playing softly can prevent almost 90% injuries and also it increases the speed that can help to play piano efficiently without any risk.

In short, following this process can make a good impact on the user’s performance and also it can prevent injuries that can motivate a user to do something good.

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